1. Completely unnecessary personal shit

    Just got the official word that my mother is retiring in September. This isn’t a huge surprise- she’s had four entirely separate surgeries in the space of sixteen months and she’s grouchy about her new dept chair- but it is kinda shaking my grip on life. I mean, on the one hand this doesn’t affect me too much but on the other hand: shit. My parents are old. Like, my parents are retirees. My father is 71. My mother is four months away for qualifying for Medicare. How the fuck did that happen? I don’t even have my life together enough to have something resembling a career.

    Older parents are terrifying, let me tell you.

  2. My roommate is currently reading aloud about the visual acumen of shrimp.

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School is winding down and I had nothing to do in graphics, so here this is.


    School is winding down and I had nothing to do in graphics, so here this is.

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Agent Carter study, drawn in PS.


    Agent Carter study, drawn in PS.

  5. Round of unfollowing happening some time in the next week. Please try not to take it *too* personally; I’m just trying to clear up my dash.

  6. the-multifandom-minion said: So I was wondering, does it annoy baristas when you order off the "secret menu" because some of it sounds really good, but I know your jobs are tough and I don't want to make your job any harder... Have a great day!



    If you provide the recipe instead of simply saying “Hi can I have a skinny-caramel-cotton-candy-mocha-fun-time-butter-beer-twilight-fairy-dust-candy-crush-swirl-latte” then I don’t mind. If you can say exactly what you want upon ordering, without rolling your eyes or getting annoyed because I’ve never heard of your Starbucks fan-fiction drink, then I will happily make it for you. 

    "Starbucks fan-fiction drink" is my new favorite term. Thank you.

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    Houndstar Graphics Challenge | [1/7] Graphic novels | - Saga by Fiona Staples and Brian K Vaughn.

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    this scene really got me. I think it’s a perfect example of people’s views on abortions. 

    For 75 years 1000+ children have been sent into the arena to fight for survival for the enjoyment of the richest people. Then along with that there are a million+ children across the other districts living in abstract poverty. All of them too, fighting for survival. The chance for them to move up in the world is virtually impossible because they don’t have the tools to do so and the people above them have kept them down as much as possible. 

    However the idea that a foetus, a blob of cells, is at risk and suddenly they stand up and protest. 

    Too much value is placed on the unborn, and not enough on those already alive. 



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    Orphan Black is v. stressful why did I not realize this would be suspense and blood/guts horror ahhhh

  10. filipfatalattractionrblog said: Is Tic from Captain Marvel the same character who got squid plushie, Mr. Squidie, from Spider-Woman in Avengers Assemble #19?