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    Apparently there’s a twitter account for Hollywood writers to submit some of the crazy requests TV execs give them back in their script notes. My Reality TV professor sent them to my class in an email. These are hilarious but also scare me for my own future as a screenwriter…

    Network Notes @TvNetworkNotes
    "Needs to feel a little more multi-cam. These jokes are too witty, too good." - FOX
    3:16 PM - 7 Oct 2013

    Network Notes @TvNetworkNotes
    "That jacket is not conveying fear. What happened to the other jacket?" - CW
    2:27 PM - 26 Sep 2013

    Network Notes @TvNetworkNotes
    "Can we make sure she’s more bitter with life so we’re ok with her dying?" - NBC
    1:46 PM - 30 Jul 2013

    Network Notes @TvNetworkNotes
    "Our research shows women respond well to violence. Take out the lifeguard and put in the rape scene." - NBC
    11:54 AM - 3 May 2013

    Network Notes @TvNetworkNotes
    Upon revealing a 7-foot tall woman with green skin, claws, and a giant domed head: “How do we know she’s an alien?” - SyFy
    2:38 PM - 19 Apr 2013

    Network Notes @TvNetworkNotes
    "I’ve discovered the secret to hit comedies: one word titles. Think about it…Seinfeld, The Office, The Cosby Show.." - ABC
    3:00 PM - 12 Feb 2013

    Network Notes @TvNetworkNotes
    "I haven’t seen Moneyball, but could you make this more like Moneyball?" - FOX
    2:21 PM - 29 Nov 2012

    Network Notes @TvNetworkNotes
    "Dwarves have done very well for us in prime time." - TLC
    2:37 PM - 9 Jan 2012

    Network Notes @TvNetworkNotes
    The butt joke is insensitive towards women. (Two lines down) Please add more shots of sexy women in bikinis on the beach. - Travel
    7:45 PM - 8 Aug 2011

    Network Notes @TvNetworkNotes
    "We want them to come off as bimbos, but don’t make them look stupid." - E!
    1:19 PM - 9 Jun 2011

    For anyone who feels complacent that TV is operated by objective, rational, even-headed, level-minded, finger-on-the-pulse human beings.


    Always question the TV you consume! Learn to discern!


    Presumably they’re just watching Game of Thrones and filing the HBO subscription as a tax write off.

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    Comic Ladies I Love 10/?:  Karolina Dean  aka  Lucy in the Sky

    "We always go with Plan B!  Next time, we should make that Plan A!"

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    judgy hawkeye

    My favorite tag was #noto coipel mayhew aja hallelujah

    Okay, I need a larger version of the bottom left picture. Whyyyy does he look like a subby sub to the giant clawed thing? He’s kind of smirking! And very naked! And it has its claw-hand around his throat in a very proprietary way! And it looks like he’s restrained! WHAT IS HAPPENING??

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Caught looking
  5. Gabourey, how are you so confident?” It’s not easy. It’s hard to get dressed up for award shows and red carpets when I know I will be made fun of because of my weight. There’s always a big chance if I wear purple, I will be compared to Barney. If I wear white, a frozen turkey. And if I wear red, that pitcher of Kool-Aid that says, “Oh, yeah!” Twitter will blow up with nasty comments about how the recent earthquake was caused by me running to a hot dog cart or something. And “Diet or Die?” [She gives the finger to that] This is what I deal with every time I put on a dress. This is what I deal with every time someone takes a picture of me. Sometimes when I’m being interviewed by a fashion reporter, I can see it in her eyes, “How is she getting away with this? Why is she so confident? How does she deal with that body? Oh my God, I’m going to catch fat!
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    axolotl confirmed for raddest aquatic creature




    no thats a shiny wooper


    oh my god

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Carol Danvers Captain Marvel Comic Collage by flukiechic
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    The worst of all possible things that could happen would be to lose that language [that black people love so much]. There are certain things I cannot say without recourse to my language. It’s terrible to think that a child with five different present tenses comes to school to be faced with those books that are less than his own language. And then to be told things about his language, which is him, that are sometimes permanently damaging… This is a really cruel fallout of racism. I know the Standard English. I want to use it to help restore the other language, the lingua franca.

    1. He ø runnin. Standard American English (SAE )= He is running.

    2. He be runnin. SAE = He is usually running or He will/would be running.

    3. He be steady runnin. SAE = He is usually running in an intensive, sustained manner, or He will/would be running in an intensive, sustained manner.

    4. He(’s) been/bin runnin. SAE He has been running–at some earlier point, but probably not now.
    Other examples: I been knowing her. SAE = I have known her.
    About eleven o’clock he been eating. SAE = … he was eating.

    5. He BEEN/BIN runnin’. SAE = He has been running for a long time, and still is.
    -This is a use of the African American English (AAE) stressed been/remote BIN.


    My mother Toni Morrison on AAVE (via howtobeterrell)

    this is for whoever was telling me that AAVE isn’t a real thing… UGH

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    Note how precise each AAVE phrase is. 

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    Cries from perfection

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    For anyone who thinks aave is just slang.

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    people that...know me, call me falcon
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While discussing comics…


    While discussing comics…